Encryption and Privacy for Your Apps

Keep your app data safe & secure. Encrypt it using the Scentrics iOS and Android SDKs.


About the SDK

Scentrics offers developers an easily implemented approach to privacy through server-centric, standards-based encryption for iOS and Android applications.

  • Gives developers an automated key-management solution, so they can continue to develop their apps, and leave privacy to a trustworthy third party
  • Builds up trust and loyalty with users due to the assurance of data security and privacy
  • Simple to add and effortless to manage

Swift example:


Secure your app data

Encrypt and secure app data including files, messages, photos, and personal information.


Standards-based encryption

Scentrics provides AES 256 bit encryption that will help build trust and loyalty with your users.


Securely scale on demand

Scentrics manages the security layer to scale on-demand with your growing user base.


Easy integration

Ship cross-platform secure apps with ease by integrating the Scentrics iOS and Android SDKs.

Get started with the SDK

Benefits of using the Scentrics SDK

Traditionally developers had to build expensive bespoke encryption services for each application.

Developers can now focus on building their best applications and let Scentrics power their security. With the Scentrics SDK, app content can be encrypted and secured to help protect user privacy.

Encryption keys are managed by the Scentrics server, stored away from the encrypted content. This allows users to control who has access to their encrypted content, even if they replace or lose a device.


Download the SDK by Registering your first Scentrics App

Register your first app and download our free SDK to get started. If you’ve already signed up, login to the developer portal here.

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